Light tells stories. Whether future utopia from outer space or thrilling fantasy: in our opinion, the most important thing is that your story lights up and arouses feelings, moods and an atmosphere in the exact way that you expect them to.

This is Corporate Lighting, and how visions are converted into reality.
With insightful perception, SHOUP designs light concepts, that understand and flow with the language of your company – and your story, in order to make it real.
Light is our tool for presenting the identity of your company.

Creative, brave and innovative. This is how SHOUP makes its highest demands concerning the esthetics, in order to grant your message its precise and customized light-expression, because every story is unique!

Linked-up thinking stands for having an intense relationship with the manufacturers, whose know-how and products, for example fragrances, acoustics or new materials, can successfully be included and used for making your visions come true.
So you will always be up to date.

Acting competently means for SHOUP to supervise every project in its planning, producing, installing and precise adjustment and maintainance.